We operate a comprehensive service to deliver marine units up to 3.5 tonnes to mother vessels, yachts and motor cruisers, or to your required marina or home location at short notice with a flexible support programme to suit the user.

Commercial marine or yacht crews can be taken to port or home from anywhere in the UK or Europe in large spacious vehicles with media and refreshment services available. For long journeys two personnel can be made available to save rest time for emergency services.

Our professional operating crew have an excellent 24/7 communication system direct with the client and all the commissions can be monitored for timings, delays, and final ETA purposes.

As preference we use Land Rover Discoveries and Range Rovers as they are proven in the commercial towing sector with superb crew comfort, but other vehicles can be made available.

We ensure the tow or delivery is legal with all the correct procedures and documentation checked and in order prior to transportation.

A wide range of trailers can be sourced to carry jet skis, small groundwork equipment, motor bikes and cars. Caravan transportation is available within the company portfolio.

Pricing is commercially keen with no hidden surprises.

  • Boat and trailer towing up to 3.5 tonnes
  • Horsebox transportation
  • Caravan haulage
  • Car and Motor bike transportation
  • Crew delivery service
  • Last minute flexible services
  • Safe and trustworthy personnel
  • New marine products to end user
  • Damage accident recovery service
  • Farm and Plant delivery
  • Valuable goods transits
  • Courier and VIP Delivery services
  • Parts and service delivery direct to vessels or port
  • Last-minute emergency crew logistic services to port or home